Powerful Home Marketing Solution for Top Dollar Sales

Discover how successful sellers use our exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home feature with David Nelson and his Imperial Home Team to add value and decrease time on the market on their home sale. David and his team markets the fact that his sellers have taken much of the risk out of the most important financial transaction for the buyers with a pre-listing inspection and 1 year home warranty.  It truly is a win-win situation for both the sellers and buyers.

Pre-list Inspection

David pays for a pre-listing inspection done by a licensed home inspector with Peace of Mind Inspections. The report shows any potential risks and issues that can be resolved prior to listing. This should alleviate any surprises on the buyer’s inspection!  The below document highlights what is done during the pre-list inspection:

Home Warranty

Homeowners are covered from the time of registration of the home warranty until the house closes. Then the buyers are covered for one year after the closing date. Sellers pay for the home warranty at closing (cost average is $400-500).  Just think….sellers are covered by a home warranty before, during, and up to the closing of their home!  It is the peace of mind knowing that your house has a warranty in case there are any issues that arise while you still own the home.  This warranty not only eases the buyers’ minds but the sellers’ minds too!  The home warranty is provided by HSA Home Warranty with our sale representative, Kim Lindquist.

Buy With Confidence

Buyers typically will write a stronger offer knowing the home has been inspected prior to listing and that the home comes with a 1 year home warranty. Also, buyers are less apt to request repairs after their inspection which could ultimately end a deal and cost the sellers money.