Like everything in life, there is required paperwork that you will need to complete on your own.  Disclosure forms are to be filled out by the homeowners/sellers and not the real estate agent.  It is the sellers’ responsibility to disclose everything such as:

– Flooded basements (when and how it was fixed)

– Any remodeling/renovation activity (when, what was done and were permits pulled)

– Hail/storm damage to siding and/or roof (when and what was done to repair)

– pets (past and present)

David will be bringing any required disclosures to the marketing consultation for you to have.  These need to be completed and signed prior to listing your house on the MLS.  

The rule for filling out all disclosures is to be honest and disclose everything as it may protect you in the end!

1.  Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.  This is the main form that you will need to complete.  Most listings unless it is a short sale will require this form.

2.  Well Disclosure Statement.  If you know of a well on your property or believe there is one even though you don’t use it, this form needs to be completed.  Most city residential listings will not have a well and are connected to city water/sewer.

3.  Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Disclosure.  Much like the well disclosure, if you aren’t using city water and sewer, you more than likely have a septic tank or something similar.  If so, you will need to fill out this form.

4.  Location Map.  Disclosure form that will also need to be filled out if you have a well or septic systems.  This is where you will generally locate the well and septic system in comparison to your property.

5.  Disclosure of Information on Lead Paint & Lead Paint Hazards If your house was built prior to 1978, you will need to complete this form to the best of your knowledge.