The first meeting is where most of the initial paperwork and discussion will take place.  David will discuss your pricing options, when you would like your house to go on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and how he will market your house to get top dollar.

The primary goals for the marketing consultation are:

  1.  Get to know you better and see how David Nelson can assist you
  2.  Answer all of your questions
  3.  Ask you some important questions.
  4.  Then decide if:
    1. You want to list with David
    2. You don’t want to list with David
    3. David  doesn’t want to list with you

The following are some basic expectations and highlights:

  1. If you could have a spare key ready that will open the front door or the primary entry for agent showings.  This would also include a key for the front door deadbolt if that is different from the knob lock.  This key will be placed in the electronic lockbox.  The electronic lockbox is the only way David uses to track showings and agent access.  Electronic lockboxes are more secure and safer than the combination locks that many agents still use.
  2. Every transaction with a traditional seller, there needs to be a completed Seller Disclosure Statement which will be provided to you at our initial marketing consultation.  This form can only be completed by the sellers without any assistance from your Realtor.  Our team philosophy with disclosures is to report everything to protect you when you sell.  You will get a paper copy of these disclosures for you to complete prior to listing your house for sale.
  3. We will further discuss how the showings will go and what that process entails.  David will need specific contact information such as email and telephone numbers (cell, work, home) of those that will be contacted for showings.
  4. If you are married or own the home with other people, all parties will be required to sign the paperwork.  If one of the party members can’t be at the meeting, we can easily set up an electronic signature sent to their email account.  FYI, Minnesota is a “one to buy, two to sell” state which means that even if you bought your house before you got married, now you both have to sign the paperwork to sell it.
  5. Have any important information from the county/city in regards to current or future assessments, fees, or liens on your property.
  6. Please read through this website before the meeting to get a better understanding of what David will do for you. We do not want to waste your time going over the entire website as there is a lot of information.
  7. Put together a list of updates or additions that you have done with approximate month/year (ie. new roof, updated kitchen, new furnace, etc) for our feature list.