There are over 20,000 licensed real estate agents in the Twin Cities area so people probably know one or 10 agents.  The top 20% of the agent pool does 80% of the business.  These agents treat it like a career…and not a hobby or part-time job like so many agents do.  Real estate is David Nelson’s full-time career so his clients get a trusted professional at their disposal while having an enjoyable time to boot.  David truly loves his job and his personal life which show in his work!

What sets David Nelson and the Imperial Home Team apart from other agents?  Our signature approach to our clients is:

  1. Believe in an upfront, no-nonsense approach to selling real estate
  2. We’ll tell you if our team isn’t the best fit for your situation
  3. David will be honest and realistic about the pricing of your house to not waste your precious time
  4. We treat every client like how we would expect to be treated in return

These are 10 of David’s unique selling propositions that he implements in his business to assist his clients with their real estate needs:

  1. Free staging consultation
  2. Professional photos and virtual tours
  3. Exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home Program
  4. Pre-list marketing opportunities
  5. Text capture on marketing and signs
  6. Strong online/social media presence
  7. A team of professionals helping beyond the scenes
  8. Trusted vendors at your disposal
  9. Weekly reverse prospecting to agents
  10. Consistent and aggressive marketing

David’s Marketing Plan